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Mastodon – Blood Mountain

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  • Since the 2004 album "Leviathan", which is now quite rightly considered a classic, Mastodon have been one of the most influential hard'n'heavy bands of the present. Why? Because they combine the best of the seventies (Thin Lizzy!) with modern sounds: Noise, Alternative, Thrash Metal, Hardcore - everything was the inspiration. So naturally also on "Blood Mountain", originally released in 2006, where Mastodon are a bit more progressive this time. Or to put it another way: That one of their favourite bands/idols is King Crimson cannot be ignored

    Robert Fripp and his men shine through especially in the arrangements - even though Mastodon of course works much harder. But the best thing is: Despite many breaks and a tremendous demand they don't forget the groove: Most of the tracks are both ear- and gut-catching. Proof for this is already the fast opening track "The Wolf Is Loose", which has an amazingly break-rich middle part. The dreamy dramatic "Crystal Skull" is different. Here, the tried and tested mastodon recipe reigns, which has been pimped with seventies sprinklings and has a few surprises in store. Afterwards they deliver a set that is bursting with rhythm breaks and breaks. Coherent seems to be little or nothing at first sight, but nevertheless the access to the songs is easier than on Leviathan. The excellent production and the idiosyncratic or better said independent sound do the rest to keep the listener on the line.


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  • Artist: Mastodon
    Label: Relapse Records, Reprise Records
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: Europe
    Genre: Metal
  • A1 The Wolf Is Loose
    A2 Crystal Skull
    A3 Sleeping Giant
    A4 Capillarian Crest
    A5 Circle Of Cysquatch
    A6 Bladecatcher
    B7 Colony Of Birchmen
    B8 Hunters Of The Sky
    B9 Hand Of The Stone
    B10 This Mortal Soil
    B1 Siberian Divide
    B12 Pendulous Skin