Dutch Vinyl Record store in the eveningWe are one of Melbourne’s leading buyers of vinyl records and we have a reputation for paying more.

Our shop has a very large and high quality collection of secondhand / pre-owned vinyl records. To get this range, quality and variety of records we have to buy it at the best cash prices.

We have expert buyers with many years experience assessing the desirability, quality and the condition of record titles. We manage to procure the best vinyl records by paying the best possible prices.

If you have records for sale please call us first, you won’t regret it. We can organise a house call if you have too many records to take into our shop.

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Simply CALL MARK on 0405 803 851 - anytime, day or night.

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  • Genres (e.g. blues, jazz, prog, reggae)
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  • Years purchased (e.g. from 1960 to 1980)

Please note that we don't buy 78's.