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ALL STOCK is available for LOCAL PICKUP or SHIPPING around OZ!
ALL STOCK is available for LOCAL PICKUP or SHIPPING around OZ!

Buy a Record Player, Turntable or DJ Turntable

Buy a record player? The record player is back with a vengeance. Vinyl records are hot. You can organise your own vinyl party with a turntable, with old records or new vinyl albums. Separate record players must be connected to an amplifier or receiver. Do you want to digitise old records to MP3? Then a record player with a USB recorder function is recommended.

We can help you choose an entry level or professional turntable, a belt or direct drive and with or without a built in phono preamp and Bluetooth connectivity.

The record player made its first explosive growth in the 1970s, when the affordable ones came onto the market. But then came the compact disc, or CD, in the 1980s. Everyone thought that the vinyl records would disappear with the arrival of the CD, but they were very wrong. True enthusiasts love the vintage crackling sound of vinyl, and we cannot blame them for that. The sound quality is just really good! Turntables have therefore always remained hot and have only improved technically. For example, nowadays there is only a limited edition of LPs when new music is released.