Vinyl record cleaning melbourne

We like our vinyl records spotless so we scrub them with the brand new Clear Audio Double Matrix Professional Sonic which cleans records like no other.

An Australian first

We have the first Clear Audio Sonic Professional record cleaning machine in Australia and we love it! We check the condition of all our records and if we see even a speck of dirt we throw it on the magic machine.

If you come across a dirty record in the store just let us know and we'll clean it right there then.

Record cleaning service

We'll offer a new Melbourne record cleaning service for only $3.

Our machine has the following modes:

ECO Clean
The standard option applies the cleaning fluid to both sides of the record, gives it a few spins and vacuums it dry. This mode is fine for most records which have been handled with care but have gathered some dust and smudges over time.

Deep Clean
Want to clean the surface and and get down deep into those grooves? The deep clean takes it's time, applies the cleaning fluid a few more times and does several vacuums.

Super Clean
Grab a cuppa cause this will take a while. Apply fluid, clean, vacuum, repeat, repeat, repeat....... This one will clean up records left for 2 years behind your fridge.