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Over 20,000 records In Stock - $10 Flat rate shipping - FREE shipping over $150
Over 20,000 records In Stock - $10 Flat rate shipping - FREE shipping over $150

Record Fairs Melbourne Calendar by Dutch Vinyl

Record fair Melbourne

For the last few years we have been organising our own in-store fairs and ones in collaboration with our friends at Dr Morse and Lulie Street tavern down the road from us.

Our last fair was at Lulie street where we had over 4,000 12" singles for sale.

Our Calendar of Events 2019

Below is a list of our plans for the months to come.

CD & DVD Fair / Sale at Lulie Street Tavern

Date: 11 & 12 May daily from 12-4pm.

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12th of May we are organising a large sale of Cds and DVDs at Lulie Street Tavern at 225 Johnston street In Abbotsford.

This may just be the biggest CD fair in Melbourne this year! We will be putting out around 15,000 CDs and 2,000 DVDs.

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Vinyl Fair

Date to be determined.

We have amassed an enormous amount of second-hand vinyl records in the $5 – $10 price range. We will be selling these records with a nice discount in place for larger purchases.

7 inch Fair

Date to be determined.

This may be a first in Melbourne. We have collected almost 20,000 7" vinyl singles and plan to have a huge record fair when all has been sorted and priced. This collection includes a large selection of rare promo singles from ABC FM.

DVD fair

Date to be determined.

Over 2,000 DVDs are waiting to come out. This is a pretty unique collection dominated by music DVDs of both concerts and documentaries. The collection also include comics, horror, art house, drama and other movies.

The Dutch Vinyl approach

Our events are organised solely by the Dutch Vinyl record store. We don't have dealers and sellers bringing their records in for sale. Most sellers in Melbourne bring their own collection / stock and you will see them selling many different locations around Melbourne.

Our record events are really one-off fairs and usually consist of fresh stock which has not been in the shop before. We often come across large collection of say hard rock, dance music, jazz etc, Whenever we hit a large one we organise an event and offer the records for sale at reasonable prices. We focus mostly on vinyl but often also come across CDs, DVDs and books.

We love organising these events as it gets people excited. It's always a joy to see people lining up, eager to put their crate digging fingers to work.


To date we have mainly organised our events at our Abbotsford store and at friendly local establishments such as:

  • Dr Morse
  • Lulie street tavern

We think it's great to further liven up Abbotsford with these events.

Other Record fairs in Melbourne

If you are looking for places where a diverse range of sellers bringing their stock selling records comics cards and cds.

  • Preston Record Fair at Preston Market
  • Kew Record Fair
  • Box Hill Record & Comic, Australia's longest running fair.
  • Yarraville
  • Thornburry Bowls
  • Sydney Road
  • Sunbury Radio
  • PBS
  • Bendigo Record Comic & Toy
  • Melbourne Hifi Show
  • Crate Digger Record

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