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Everything on our website is IN STOCK and ready to ship!

Muse – Black Holes And Revelations

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To write a new album, the band members decided to temporarily move into a French castle. This to work in peace and to obtain new musical influences. In France they played with new instruments, such as synthesisers. About 20 songs were created and the band started recording, but these were experienced as 'very slow' by the band members because they had more and more trouble with the quiet environment. Muse then decided to continue recording the album in New York City. In New York Rich Costey rejoined the band, although this time production was jointly in the hands of Costey and Muse.

The first single 'Supermassive Black Hole' was released in June 2006; a week before the release of the fourth studio album Black Holes and Revelations. Musically, the classical side of Muse is less audible and contains more electronic music. Lyrically, Bellamy was heavily influenced by political events and the alien.

This album achieved the number one spot in the UK charts and second place in Belgium and the Netherlands. The album received a Platinum Europe Award after selling one million copies. Later four singles were released: 'Starlight', 'Knights of Cydonia', 'Invincible' and 'Map of the Problematique'.

Release details

Label: Warner Bros. Records
Format: LP, Album
Units: 1
Country: US
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock


A1 Take A Bow
A2 Starlight
A3 Supermassive Black Hole
A4 Map Of The Problematique
A5 Soldier'S Poem
A6 Invincible
B1 Assassin
B2 Exo-Politics
B3 City Of Delusion
B4 Hoodoo
B5 Knights Of Cydonia