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Ill Communication – Beastie Boys (2xLP)

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In the mid 90s the BEASTIE BOYS were at the height of their popularity. Their album "Ill Communication", first released in May 1994 and now in a new form, debuted at number 1 in the American album charts, in England it reached number 10, in Germany it reached number 11. In the same year (July / August) they were, together with the Smashing Pumpkins, co-headliners of the then legendary "Lollapalooza" tour festival (for which Nirvana was actually planned, but good Kurt had shot himself a bullet in April). The following year, the tickets for their US Arena Tour were sold out within minutes. One dollar per ticket went to local charities. In general, the trio collected more and more charity money, especially for the "Milarepa Fund", which supports the interests of Tibet. In 1996, Adam Yauch organized the first "Tibetan Freedom Concert" in San Francisco.

"Ill Communication" clearly ties in with the previous album "Check Your Head" in terms of content and music. Here again, the mix of old school rap, lo-fi funk, soul-jazz instrumentals, pop sounds, punk rock and Latin rhythms. Maybe a little less innovative than usual, but the album contains some of the best songs in the band's repertoire, such as the grooving "Sure Shot", "Root Down" with its dirty funk or the monumental "Sabotage".