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Venom – Welcome To Hell (40th anniversary, limited Splatter Vinyl)

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  • 1981 saw the release of the band's debut album, Welcome To Hell - the sonic equivalent of rubbing a tab of salt into a gaping wound. What many people don't know is that the album was really nothing more than a collection of demos! It wasn't a proper album, which is why there's such a big difference in sound quality between 'Welcome To Hell' and the next album, 'Black Metal'."

    In a strange way, the demo quality of the album probably helped boost Venom's growing popularity as the uncrowned kings of the fast-growing metal underground.

    "Neat Records were very surprised at how well the single sold, and asked me if we had any more songs. "Plenty," I said, so Neat asked if we'd record everything we had so they could hear all our tracks. We went back into the studio and recorded what we thought were a bunch of demos. Then Neat Records said, 'You know, we could put a cover on it and put it out as an album'. We thought, 'Great idea. We'll go back and record the songs again properly, with more care and attention and so on, and then we'll make a proper record out of it'." Uh, that's not how Neat thought of it at all. They literally meant that they wanted to release our demos, with all their faults, as their first album!"

    Despite the lack of production values, the album gave Venom a strong foothold in the metal scene. The fearsome trio was no longer just another band for the masses - they had substance and real potential. Their roar was ferocious, unnerving and absolutely biting.

    To celebrate the 40th anniversary, the limited Splatter Vinyl Edition is released with an embossed sleeve, a reproduction of the original lyric bag and a poster.

  • Artist: Venom
    Label: BMG
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: UK
    Genre: Metal
  • A1 Sons Of Satan
    A2 Welcome To Hell
    A3 Schizo
    A4 Mayhem With Mercy
    A5 Poison
    A6 Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)
    B1 Witching Hour
    B2 One Thousand Days In Sodom
    B3 Angel Dust
    B4 In League With Satan
    B5 Red Light Fever