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HANA SL MC Cartridge Nude Diamond Shibata stylus: Low Output

by Hana
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The body of the Hana SL Moving Coil cartridge is manufactured from a composite low resonance plastic material in black. Going deeper into details, the Hana SL has a nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus, capable of admirable high-frequency response, and use high firmness aluminium cantilevers with cross-shaped armatures. Abovementioned setup indisputably delivers supreme transparency and excellent trackability.

This SL cartridge (Shibata Low output) offers 0.5mv/1KHz output.

Nonetheless, the entire Hana range has been developed with consideration focused on easy use and set-up, as well as high-performance reproduction. The high output versions of Hana, EH and SH, supply 2mV output. This output can be directly connected to MM phono input for the reproduction of the vinyl.

Model Hana SL
Stylus Nude Diamond Shibata
Cantilever Aluminum
Output Level 0.5mV/1kHz
Output Balance <1.5dB/1kHz
Vertical Tracking Force 2 gr.
Trackability 70μm/2gr.
Channel Separation 28dB/1kHz
Frequency Response 15~32,000Hz
Impedance 30Ω/1kHz
Suggested Load Impedance >400Ω
Cartridge Weight 5 gr.
Body Color Black