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Cypress Hill – Black Sunday (2xLP)

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The qualities of the Los Angeles formation, consisting of Sen Dog, B-Real and Mixmaster Muggs, are already evident on their first album "Cypress Hill" from 1991: Juicy beats and daring tongue twisters clearly point to the band's origins in one of L. A.'s toughest neighborhoods, the infamous Southgate section.

With their second release "Black Sunday", the three of them went one better: Both the longplay and the singles "When The Sh.. Goes Down", "Insane In The Brain", "We Ain't Goin' Out Like That" and "Lick A Shot" landed in the US Top Twenty.

Release details

Artist: Cypress Hill
Label: Columbia, Legacy, Ruffhouse Records
Format: LP
Units: 2
Country: US
Genre: Hip Hop


A1 I Wanna Get High
A2 I Ain'T Goin' Out Like That
A3 Insane In The Brain
B1 When The Sh-- Goes Down
B2 Lick A Shot
B3 Cock The Hammer
B4 Interlude
C1 Lil' Putos
C2 Legalize It
C3 Hits From The Bong
D1 What Go Around Come Around, Kid
D2 A To The K
D3 Hand On The Glock
D4 Break 'Em Off Some