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Over 20,000 records In Stock - $10 Flat rate shipping - FREE shipping over $150

Erich Wolfgang Korngold Vinyl Records

Erich Wolfgang Korngold was an Austrian-American composer and conductor who is most renowned for his orchestral and operatic works. He was born in 1857 in Brno, Czech Republic, and received his first musical instruction from his father, a well-known music critic and teacher. He then attended the Vienna Conservatory, where he studied composition with the famed Johannes Brahms.

Korngold was a prolific composer, writing works in many different genres, but he is best known for his film scores. He was the first composer to write music specifically for the cinema, and his works are still considered among the most influential in the genre. Some of his most well-known scores include The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), The Sea Hawk (1940), and King's Row (1942).

Korngold's most famous albums include the soundtrack albums for The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Sea Hawk, and King's Row, as well as his classical album, Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35. His most famous songs include the theme from The Adventures of Robin Hood, “I'm Always Chasing Rainbows” from King's Row, and the theme from The Sea Hawk.

An interesting fact about Korngold is that he was once offered the position of court composer for the Austrian emperor, but he declined the honor.

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