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Idles – Brutalism

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Bristol polemical punkers Idles have been a promising group for some time. With their debut album "Brutalism" they now fulfil all expectations. Politically charged, refreshingly confrontational and infectiously volatile, idles are a band like no other. They integrate the disturbing reality of the world into their frenzied assault on the senses, which until now has only been experienced live

With "Brutalism" they have captured the intensity of their live shows perfectly. Perfectly captured on the record, for example, are the aggressive, haunting vocals of Joseph Talbot, which he performs on stage with all the spitefulness and dry humour. "Brutalism" is a deadly serious indictment of popular culture.

Release details

Artist: Idles
Label: Partisan Records
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: UK, Europe & US
Genre: Rock


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A2 Well Done
A3 Mother
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F4 Exeter
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