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Michael Kiwanuka – Kiwanuka (2xLP)

by Polydor
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Defend your reputation

He is one of the greatest soul singers that the current music world has to offer, in 2019 he will release his new, third studio album: Michael Kiwanuka. The record, like himself, is called »Kiwanuka«.

On his first two albums, "Home Again" (2014) and "Love & Hate" (2016), the Briton turned out to be an absolutely versatile artist. He defends this reputation on his new album.

Soul, jazz, blues, folk, rock - »Kiwanuka« is not limited to one genre. On the contrary: He always lets them melt together.

Michael Kiwanuka has recorded 13 tracks in New York, Los Angeles and London. He received support from none other than producer Danger Mouse, who already turned one or the other controller on the predecessor.

The first single "You Ain't The Problem" already reveals what »Kiwanuka« sounds like.

And that shows: This record is another stroke of genius by Michael Kiwanuka, an absolutely unique piece. If you want to convince yourself, you can now simply order them online.


"Kiwanuka could soon catapult his multifaceted soul into a league with Isaac Hayes, with whom he is often compared." (Stereo, November 2019)

»Kiwanuka's special mixture of soul, psychedelic rock and a sound language borrowed from electric jazz is unparalleled in the present.« (Stereoplay, December 2019)

»› Rolling ‹must have been written sometime after listening to a Nirvana record, and› Hero ‹, the heart of this CD, was based on› All Along The Watchtower ‹. The artwork of the album is beautifully complex. (...) This is appropriate, Kiwanuka masters his craft masterfully. «(Good Times, December 2019 / January 2020)

»On his third album, the British songwriter follows the opulent soul of LOVE & HATE with brighter tones and a love of experimentation.« (Musikexpress)