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How to clean vinyl records

How to clean vinyl records

Do you hate it when your vinyl records start to sound old? The moment when you start to hear clicking and scratching sounds when playing the record, and you know that it is already too late. Let's face it, the condition of old vinyl records will never improve. But that doesn't mean you can't keep them in good shape yourself.

With proper cleaning, your vinyl records will still look and sound like new. We have run our record store for many years and are collectors ourselves, so we know everything there is to know about keeping records in good condition. Read on to find out our advice on cleaning your vinyl records.

Why is it important to clean your vinyl records? Vinyl loses its charm once it starts to sound old. The dirt has already piled up in such a way that the grooves have become uneven. Cleaning is important not only because you want to keep a nice and clear sound, but also because the records will be permanently damaged when you play them dirty. That's why it's important to always keep your records clean so that they last for many years, probably even longer than the musicians who made them.

Cleaning before and after playing

To protect your vinyl records from damage, always clean them before and after playing using a carbon fibre brush. This prevents dust and dirt from building up. The brush is not intended to clean in the grooves of the vinyl, but only to brush the surface very gently; the dirt must not be pushed further into the grooves. Do not forget to clean the record player and the needles. These also affect the condition of your vinyl records. Make sure the tip of the needle is always clean as it easily picks up dust.

Deep cleaning of vinyl records

The best way to clean used vinyl records is with a vinyl vacuum cleaner. But this is an expensive cleaning solution. Fortunately, there are cheaper ways to clean your vinyl at home with regular household products. Cleaning can be done carefully with just water. But if you want to remove grease, you can also do it with soap.

Use a soft, clean microfibre cleaning cloth for thorough cleaning. This fabric removes dust easily also absorbs oil well. Dip the cloth in warm water, but make sure that the cloth is not too wet and that no water remains on the vinyl. Rub the cloth in a circular motion along the grooves with your finger. Start in the middle and work towards the edge. Then go back in the opposite direction. Finally, clean again with water, to ensure that no soap remains on the record surface.

We advise you to regularly maintain your records to keep them in the best possible condition. But don't forget to always clean them carefully so you don't damage them.

Cleaning service

Do you have valuable or treasured but really dirty records? Then perhaps our record cleaning service is for you. For only $3 a record we will give it a cleansing spin on our Clear Audio Double Matrix Professional Sonic.

Now that you know how to clean and maintain your records, you could buy some extra records for your collection, right?

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