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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II

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  • "II" builds on the same breakbeat charm from the second-hand Store that 32-year-old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ruban Nielson has been known for since Unknown Mortal Orchestra's 2011 debut. The album simultaneously signals their final establishment as the ultimate challenging, boldly psychedelic band. U. M.O. isn't afraid to push deeper into the infectious, sedated groove than anyone else, bringing the over-the-top legends of rock 'n' roll to life

    Written on a tough and decadent tour during which Nielson feared for his sanity and physical health, "II" reflects the emotional turmoil of a life on the road, painting surreal, comic book-like images of loneliness, love and despair. Nielson puts Pink Floyd, The Family Stone, and The Soft Machine through his own twisted rock 'n' roll filter, creating a twisted collection of expressive psychedelia

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra was once Nielson's private affair. But with an album that uses his unique musical imagination and special talent to present his emotions with absolute honesty, Unknown Mortal Orchestra is a fully realized band operating at the peak of their powers


    "Syd Barrett meets the tender cousins. (8 points)" - CLASSIC ROCK 01 / 2013

    "Guitar riffs à la "Taxman", Robert Wyatt-like vocals, space trips à la early Floyd. (...) But there's a lot that makes the band from New Zealand / USA stand out above the Revival clone average (...) Forward into the past." - INTRO 02 / 2013

    "Ancient psychedelic is no disgrace (****)" - MUSIKEXPRESS 02 / 2013

    "Where Foxygen come in like a jukebox made flesh, Unknown Mortal Orchestra sneak in through the back door (...) And then you sit and watch the little melodies slowly settle into your brain. Like once with The Chills. (...) Sunshine pop for Rainy Days And Mondays." - SPEX 02 / 2013

    "As if rising from the bottom of the sea, Nielson's vocals also sound at times, washed out and distant. And a bit like John Lennon. (9 points)" - VISIONS 02 / 2013
  • Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Label: Jagjaguwar
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: US
    Genre: Pop & Rock
  • A1 From The Sun
    A2 Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)
    A3 So Good At Being In Trouble
    A4 One At A Time
    A5 The Opposite Of Afternoon
    B1 No Need For A Leader
    B2 Monki
    B3 Dawn
    B4 Faded In The Morning
    B5 Secret Xtians