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DIIV – Is The Is Are (2xLP)

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  • With DIIV everything comes in its time

    Fans had to wait almost four years for a sign of life from DIIV, at least in the form of a new release. Now, with "Is The Is Are", the quintet finally presents the long-awaited follow-up to their debut.

    The fact that it took some time at first justifies the impressive result. A whole 17 songs are waiting on "Is The Is Are", according to the band's own statements the best out of more than 300 written songs. Added up, these result in a length of over 60 minutes of playing.

    "Is The Is Are", however, has not only become a long album, but above all a varied one. Stylistically it goes again in the direction of indie rock, dream pop and shoegaze. Sonically, Zachary Cole Smith and his guys have even learned on their second album.

    "Is The Is Are" has become more diverse than its predecessor "Oshin", both in terms of song structures and the themes and moods of the songs. Smith's vocals are noticeably more upfront this time around. Still: they remain true to their intertwining, hypnotic and atmospheric sound.

    DIIV gave a first taste of the album back in September 2015 with their first single "Dopamine". With "Bent (Roi's Song)", "Under The Sun" and the title track "Is The Is Are" three more advance singles followed until January 2016.

    For the most part, DIIV keep to themselves on the record, which means Zachary Cole Smith, Andrew Bailey, Devin Ruben Perez, Colin Caulfield and Ben Newman. Only on "Blue Boredom" is there female support from singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira.

    Incidentally, the album's title came about through a collaboration with the artist who designed the record's album cover. Smith asked him to write a total of 50 nonsense poems. One line of his favorite is "Is the Is Are."

    This much is certain: "Is the Is Are" is an album of calibre. This is true for the musical level as well as for the length of the new DIIV record. So you should definitely take your time.


    "DIIV would always make twisted music, no matter the circumstances, says Zachary Cole Smith. (...) If it continues to sound like it does on this very skillfully balanced, at all times entertaining and steadily growing album, that should only be fine with you." (musikexpress, February 2016)

    "Perhaps the most positive surprise of the new year: DIIV are back dIIV are back and with "Is The Is Are" they deliver an album full of beautiful climaxes, which effortlessly lifts the band's trademark sound effortlessly to a new level." (INTRO 02 / 16)

    "Krautrock meets new wave meets indie pop. Superb." (HAMBURGER AENDBLATT)
  • Artist: DIIV
    Label: Captured Tracks
    Format: LP
    Units: 2
    Country: Europe
    Genre: Pop & Rock