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Over 20,000 records In Stock - $10 Flat rate shipping - FREE shipping over $150

Sebastian Hardie

Sebastian Hardie is an Australian progressive rock band formed in Sydney in 1971. The original lineup included guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist John Morgan, guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Lou Turner, drummer Bill Putt, and bassist/vocalist Tony Tomkinson.

The band’s first album, Four Moments, was released in 1975 and is considered their masterpiece. The album featured the band’s two best-known songs, “Windchase” and “Morning of the Earth”, which have become staples of classic rock radio stations. The album was re-released in 2007 with two bonus tracks.

Sebastian Hardie’s second album, Windchase, was released in 1976. The album featured more progressive rock elements, such as extended instrumental passages, and was well-received by critics. The title track, “Windchase”, is considered to be one of the band’s best songs.

In 1977, Sebastian Hardie released their third album, The World’s Last Night. The album featured a darker, more complex sound, with the single “The World’s Last Night” becoming a minor hit.

An interesting fact about Sebastian Hardie is that they are considered one of the pioneers of the progressive rock genre in Australia. They were one of the first bands to incorporate synthesizers and other electronic instruments into their sound, and their album Four Moments was one of the first progressive rock albums released in Australia.