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CD & DVD Fair / Sale at Lulie Street Tavern

CD & DVD Fair / Sale at Lulie Street Tavern

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12th of May we are organising a large sale of Cds and DVDs at Lulie Street Tavern at 225 Johnston street In Abbotsford.

This may just be the biggest CD fair in Melbourne this year! We will be putting out around 16,000 CDs and 2,000 DVDs.

Follow our Facebook event to keep up to date with the latest news about the fair: 

Dutch Vinyl in the past has organised vinyl record fairs in Melbourne. As an experiment we have been buying up CD collections with the aim of organising a big CD sale in Melbourne.

The CD collection covers many genres including Pop, Rock, Alternative, Hard Rock & Metal, Jazz, Blues, Soundtracks and much much more!

The DVD collection on sale contains a lot of Music DVDs such as concerts and documentaries. There are also large collections of SCFI, Horror, Drama and other type of full length movies.

The doors will open at noon on Saturday & Sunday and we’ll continue on until 4pm.

Did I mention that all the CDs and DVDs will be for sale for only $5 a pop? Also expect bulk discounts!

We’ll also have happy hour at the bar all the way through.

Hope to see you all there!
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