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? – Xxxtentacion

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Like a force of nature, this game-changer descends upon the pop world, shaking up all the long-held perceptions and cleaning up everything that was previously thought to be true and right. That's what happened with NWA, with Marilyn Manson, with Eminem. It's happening again with XXXTentacion - pronounced "Eks-Eks-Eks-Ten-Tah-Sie-Ohn"

In many ways, the name XXXTentacion represents exactly what the exceptional musician stands for. "It means unknown temptation, because that's all life is," he says. He understands temptation, whether it comes from the media, electronic devices or women. He himself is an unknown temptation. And now he's in charge of an entire generation, ready to turn the rules of the game completely inside out.

As if he knew it would happen, XXXTENTACION has been talking a lot about sudden death and the legacy he wants to leave behind in recent months. Now, tragically, that very thing has come to pass and the exceptional artist was shot dead on the open road in Miami. His legacy remains the music and especially this album.

Release details

Artist: Xxxtentacion
Label: Bad Vibes Forever
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: US
Genre: Rock, Hip Hop


A1 Introduction (Instructions)
A2 Alone, Part 3
A3 Moonlight
A4 Sad!
A5 The Remedy For A Broken Heart (Why Am I So In Love)
A6 Floor 555
A7 Numb
A8 Infinity (888)
A9 Going Down!
B1 Pain = Bestfriend
B2 $$$
B3 Love Yourself (Interlude)
B4 Smash!
B5 I Don'T Even Speak Spanish Lol
B6 Changes
B7 Hope
B8 Schizophrenia
B9 Before I Close My Eyes