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Vashti Bunyan – Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (Singles And Demos 1964 To 1967)

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Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind – Singles and Demos 1964 to 1967 is a compilation album by Vashti Bunyan collecting her mid-sixties singles cuts (including the Jagger/Richards penned title track) with unreleased demos recorded at the time. Disc two features her recently rediscovered first studio demo session from 1964 in its entirety. A special limited-edition version adds four bonus tracks (numbers 14-17) to disc one.

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Release details

Artist: Vashti Bunyan
Label: Dicristina Stair Builders, Spinney Records
Format: LP
Units: 2
Country: US
Style: Vocal, Folk


A1 Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
A2 I Want To Be Alone
A3 Train Song
A4 Love Song
A5 Winter Is Blue
A6 Coldest Night Of The Year
B1 I'D Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
B2 Winter Is Blue
B3 Girl'S Song In Winter
B4 If In Winter (100 Lovers)
B5 Wishwanderer
B6 Don'T Believe
B7 17 Pink Sugar Elephants
C1 Autumn Leaves
C2 Leave Me
C3 If In Winter (100 Lovers)
C4 How Do I Know
C5 Find My Heart Again
C6 Go Before Dawn
D1 Girl'S Song In Winter
D2 I Don'T Know What Love Is
D3 Don'T Believe What They Say
D4 Love You Now
D5 I Know
D6 Someday