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Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

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  • Already, not much needs to be said about Lana Del Rey. She lets the music and her art speak for itself which is already appreciated by millions of fans worldwide and all media even dub her the POP Phenomenon 2012! Fact is, Lana Del Rey is an extraordinary and already extraordinarily successful artist - after the #1 hit "Video Games" now comes the debut album "Born To Die" with exclusively self-written songs! Sometimes stars evolve.

    Sometimes stars are just thrust upon us. And then, at times, there are stars who simply soak in the atmosphere as if propelled by some otherworldly force. Lana Del Rey, with her amazing charisma, impressive voice, commanding look and unique feel, falls into this latter category Her name has been ghosting around the internet for months, the blogs are rolling over. The feuilleton and the music press also predict a great future for the self-proclaimed 'Gangsta Nancy Sinatra': Die Zeit headlined, "Lana Del Rey gives pop back its big pose." And Rolling Stone summed it up in a four-page story, "Lana Del Rey is still a pop star in puppy status. But if she lives up to the promise she made with "Video Games," 2012 could be her year."

    Her songs combine influences that are both musical and visual: David Lynch, soundtracks to black-and-white movies from the '50s, the whirring sound of the Ferris wheel at Coney Island, fame itself. Over everything, there's a sense that none of that exists these days. Lana Del Rey's self-produced videos for "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans" convey these images and moods perfectly


    ,,Pop music at its best, orchestrated by a gifted singer." (Rolling Stone, February 2012)

    ,,Lana Del Rey is not only making a name for herself, she's also making people sit up and take notice." (Stereoplay, March 2012)

    "Mainstream pop with a message: after the success of "Video Games", Lana Del Rey now surprises with her debut." (Audio, March 2012)

    "Her deep, sometimes elegant, then again sleepily shuffling voice has that certain has this certain erotic flavor that comes across well in the dub-step, trip-hop soundscapes seasoned with string sauce." (Stereo, April 2012).


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  • Artist: Lana Del Rey
    Label: Interscope Records, Polydor
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: US
    Genre: Pop & Rock
  • A1 Born To Die
    A2 Off To The Races
    A3 Blue Jeans
    A4 Video Games
    A5 Diet Mountain Dew
    A6 National Anthem
    B1 Dark Paradise
    B2 Radio
    B3 Carmen
    B4 Million Dollar Man
    B5 Summertime Sadness
    B6 This Is What Makes Us Girls