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Antics – Interpol

by Matador
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After two years of seemingly endless touring, the quartet returned to Peter Katis' Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in early 2004 to record their second album. They had already debuted a handful of songs slated for Antics on the road: "Length of Love," "Narc," "C'mere." In the meantime, they had been reworking - and reinventing - Bright Lights' material night after night, discovering new strengths. There was more room for experimentation in these songs, for playing with arrangements and subtleties of individual parts, than on their debut.

With Antics, Interpol has released a disc that is even more captivating than its acclaimed predecessor, without losing any of the depth that has made them such an important band to so many. The songs are simultaneously catchier and more diverse, revealing themselves over time to a degree heard on few recent releases, and nothing is ever obvious. Frontman Paul Banks describes, "A lot of the time, there are certain themes or events that inspire the songs, but it's not explicit in my lyrics." Indeed, things are rarely what they seem with Interpol.


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Release details

Artist: Interpol
Label: Matador
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: US
Genre: Rock


A1 Next Exit
A2 Evil
A3 Narc
A4 Take You On A Cruise
A5 Slow Hands
B1 Not Even Jail
B2 Public Pervert
B3 C'Mere
B4 Length Of Love
B5 A Time To Be So Small