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Everything on our website is IN STOCK and ready to ship!

Floating Points – LateNightTales

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Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points' musical taste is hard to define and moves between the poles of heavenly classical music and glittering techno. His extraordinary career began with early dance experiments, followed by his collaboration with the legendary Gwana master Mahmoud Guiia, and culminated in the exceptional work "Elaenia", an annual highlight in 2015.

His "Late Night Tales" reflect this range, which he has collected on trips around the globe from dusty shops in Brazil to stalls near his British hometown. The edition also includes exclusive pieces by Sarah Davachi and Toshimaru Nakamura, the obligatory cover version (Floating Points vs. Kenny Wheeler) and the spoken word finale (by British TV & radio presenter Lauren Laverne).

Release details

Label: LateNightTales
Units: 2
Country: UK
Released: 2019
Style: Ambient


A1 Untitled, Live In Portland (Excerpt)
A2 Via Láctea
A3 Glwoin'
A4 Chains
B1 Equipoise
B2 Blood Of An American
B3 Express Your Love
B4 A Message Especially From God
C1 Gentle Man
C2 Sun Blues
C3 Sea Flourescent
C4 Moments In Love (Excerpt)
D1 The Tunnel
D2 Milk (Excerpt)
D3 Nimb#59
D4 The Sweet Time Suite. Part 1 - Opening
D5 Ah! Why. Because The Dazzling Sun