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Tango In The Night – Fleetwood Mac

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"Tango In The Night", the 14th studio album by the legendary Fleetwood Mac, will be reissued in 2017, completely remastered and in various expanded versions.

Last year, the British-US rock legends had already re-released their album "Mirage", the predecessor of "Tango In The Night", as a deluxe version.

"Tango In The Night" was originally released on April 13, 1987, reaching number one on the UK charts and number two in Germany. It is also the band's second best-selling album after "Rumours". Among others, hits like "Big Love", "Seven Wonders", "Little Lies" and "Everywhere" contributed to this.

Release details

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: US
Genre: Pop, Rock


A1 Big Love
A2 Seven Wonders
A3 Everywhere
A4 Caroline
A5 Tango In The Night
A6 Mystified
B1 Little Lies
B2 Family Man
B3 Welcome To The Room...Sara
B4 Isn'T It Midnight
B5 When I See You Again
B6 You And I, Part Ii