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Clint Mansell, Kronos Quartet – Requiem For A Dream (2xLP)

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Darren Aronofsky's second film Requiem for a Dream features a score from his Pi collaborator, former Pop Will Eat Itself vocalist/guitarist Clint Mansell. This time, Mansell blends his usual electronic/industrial leanings with brooding, evocative performances from the Kronos Quartet. As with Pi, Mansell's compositions play a large part in Requiem for a Dream, which is an adaptation of Hubert Selby's 1978 novel about the harrowing lives of four drug addicts. Impressively, Mansell's score manages to be appropriately dark and disturbing, as well as compulsively listenable.


Release details

Label: Nonesuch
Format: LP
Units: 2
Country: UK, Europe & US


A1 Summer Overture
A2 Party
A3 Coney Island Dreaming
A4 Party
A5 Chocolate Charms
A6 Ghosts Of Things To Come
A7 Dreams
A8 Tense
A9 Dr. Pill
A10 High On Life
A11 Ghosts
A12 Crimin' & Dealin'
A13 Hope Overture
A14 Tense
A15 Bialy & Lox Conga
B1 Cleaning Apartment
B2 Ghosts-Falling
B3 Dreams
B4 Arnold
B5 Marion Barfs
B6 Supermarket Sweep
B7 Dreams
B8 Sara Goldfarb Has Left The Building
B9 Bugs Got A Devilish Grin Conga
C1 Winter Overture
C2 Southern Hospitality
C3 Fear
C4 Full Tense
C5 The Beginning Of The End
C6 Ghosts Of A Future Lost
C7 Meltdown
C8 Lux Aeterna
C9 Coney Island Low
In The End It's All Nice
D1 Purple In The Morning, Blue In The Afternoon, Orange In The Evening, Green At Night
D2 30 Days To Revolutionize Your Life!!! 1-900-976-Juice