Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush - Anti-static, Carbon Fibre


A record brush is essential for any vinyl lover! The Dutch Vinyl Carbon Carbon Fibre Brush has an anti-static effect through its conductive hairs. This ensures that the vinyl attracts less dust, so keeps your records clean and sound good.

Dust & Vinyl

An LP contains numerous grooves, in these grooves is the music. The grooves are "read out" by a player's needle. This needle follows microscopically small movement in groove. This results in a signal that is amplified and heard through the speakers.

The movement that the needle makes to create a music signal are small, so small that dust particles can affect this process. Often this creates crackling or pops.

It's mainly the large dust particles that cause this. Smaller dust particles make the sound of an LP flatter, the sound becomes less clear. So to get the most out of LP's, it's important to maintain it well. A record brush helps to remove dust and dirt from the grooves of the vinyl record.


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