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Over 20,000 records In Stock - $10 Flat rate shipping - FREE shipping over $150

Roxy Music Vinyl Records

Roxy Music is an English rock band formed in 1971 by singer Bryan Ferry, multi-instrumentalist and principal songwriter Brian Eno, and guitarist/bassist Graham Simpson. The band's groundbreaking sound combined art rock, glam rock, and avant-garde rock, along with heavy doses of synthesizers and electronic music. Their style was highly influential and was a major influence on the early new wave and punk rock movements.

Roxy Music released their self-titled debut album in 1972, which spawned two hit singles, "Virginia Plain" and "Pyjamarama". The follow-up album, For Your Pleasure, was released in 1973 and featured the singles "Do the Strand" and "In Every Dream Home a Heartache". Both albums achieved critical and commercial success. The band's third album, Stranded, released in 1973, featured the hit single "Street Life" and was a more straightforward rock album than their previous releases.

Roxy Music's fourth album, Country Life, released in 1974, was an even bigger success, spawning the hit singles "The Thrill of It All" and "All I Want Is You". Their fifth album, Siren, released in 1975, featured the single "Love Is the Drug" and was their first to chart in the US. The band's sixth album, Manifesto, released in 1979, featured the singles "Angel Eyes" and "Trash".

The band released a number of albums throughout the 1980s and 1990s, including Flesh + Blood (1980), Avalon (1982), and Heart Still Beating (1990). Their last studio album, The High Road, was released in 1983.

Roxy Music's most successful and influential albums are widely considered to be their first two albums, Roxy Music and For Your Pleasure, as well as the albums Country Life, Siren, and Manifesto. Some of their most popular songs include "Virginia Plain", "Pyjamarama", "Do the Strand", "In Every Dream Home a Heartache", "The Thrill of It All", "All I Want Is You", "Love Is the Drug", "Angel Eyes", and "Trash".

An interesting fact about Roxy Music is that they have been cited as an influence by numerous musicians, including David Bowie, U2, Talking Heads, Duran Duran, and Depeche Mode.