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Witchcraft – Black Metal

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The defining elements of “Black Metal” are its bleak atmosphere and its sometimes painfully plodding nature. Each track is a long slog through the soft strumming and tentative picking at Pelander’s hands, often accompanied by some level of distortion and echoing reverb. Such effects enhance the nature of the album’s isolating allure, the fractured smoke that drifts around listeners as they are pulled into a haze by Pelander’s pensive intonations. “Grow” captures the drifting fog that shrouds the album, a long track which builds from tender notes picked with a gentle hand to a gradual vocal introduction. The shifting tempo gives the track a more dynamic nature than the album’s earlier tracks, the first hint that the latter half of “Black Metal” is where the best gems lie. Getting through the first half of the album is a test of patience, but by the time “Grow” arrives it seems as though the hypnotic nature of the opening tracks was meant to establish for the listener the tone at which the rest of the album will proceed.

- Sonic Perspectives

Release details

Artist: Witchcraft
Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: Germany
Genre: Rock


A1 Elegantly Expressed Depression
A2 A Boy And A Girl
A3 Sad People
A4 Grow
B1 Free Country
B2 Sad Dog
B3 Take Him Away