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Valium Aggelein – Black Moon (2xLP)

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Right around the time they were making their slowcore classic Stratosphere, the trio of musicians who made up the band Duster were also recording under the name Valium Aggelein. Their approach was similar on the surface; both bands stretched out indie rock tropes until they were elongated explorations into simplicity, repetition, and space that carried a surprising amount of emotional weight. Here, though, the trio weren't as interested in writing songs as they were in making sounds, largely improvising the music and letting the voices appear sparingly if at all. They made a cassette titled Dweller on the Threshold in 1997 that was made up of sonic fragments and staticky instrumentals, then in 1998 recorded Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond. The record is made up of long, quietly unmoored excursions into the artful side of indie rock with heavy influence from German bands and the same groups that Duster derived so much from, like Codeine. 


Release details

Artist: Valium Aggelein
Label: Numero Group
Format: LP
Units: 2
Country: US
Genre: Rock


Originally Issued In 1998 As 'Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond'
A1 Here Comes The Black Moon
A2 Liftoff In Stereo
A3 Trial By Fire
A4 The Clouds Will Drop Ladders
B1 Triumph Of The Metal People
B2 Frequency Converter
B3 Birth To Death In Slow Motion
B4 Dream Scientist
Outtakes From The 'Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond' Recording Sessions
B5 Bird Wings
B6 Nudists
Originally Issued In 1997 As 'Dweller On The Threshold'
C1 The Landing
C2 Under The Mountain
C3 Sonar
C4 Mercury
C5 The Valium Machine
C6 Spies
C7 V
D1 Inside The Static Cult
D2 Then, In 2060 A.D.
D3 Alum Rock
D4 Interruptor
D5 Slower
D6 Excerpt From Mount Hamilton
Previously Unissued
D7 96
D8 Spark Collector