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Ecate – Ufomammut

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"Ecate" is the seventh album by the Italian power trio Ufomammut. In Greek mythology, Ecate is the goddess of the three worlds: the world of men, the world of gods and the world of the dead. Over the centuries, the shape and meaning of this powerful figure has changed. Hekate shares the fate of many pagan deities: the Christian church reinterpreted her as a negative figure in connection with witchcraft and black magic.

"Ecate" by Ufomammut consists of six individual tracks - each is an interpretation of the different forms of representation of Hekate. The album marks a further development in terms of composition and song structure. The epic approach of the previous album on Neurot, "Oro", is consistently developed into something concise, aggressive and complex - almost like the deity Hekate himself. Just as the goddess presents herself in three different forms, the music moves between several levels of existence.

Founded in Italy in 1999, Ufomammut are regarded worldwide as the creators of their very own version of the Psychedelic Sludge. With epic sound cascades, deep vocals and a myriad of textures that put the listener in a trance, the band combines monumental riff with the psychedelia of the visionary Pink Floyd.

The status of Ufomammut as one of the most powerful and artistic contemporary doom bands continues to delight the masses that swell more each year.

Release details

Artist: Ufomammut
Label: Supernatural Cat
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: Italy
Genre: Rock


A1 Somnium
A2 Plouton
A3 Chaosecret
B1 Temple
B2 Revelation
B3 Daemons