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Television – Adventure

by Elektra
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  • Marquee Moon is known to be a television masterpiece. However, if you want to check the influence of Television on the initiators of the garage retro wave The Strokes, you can confidently resort to Adventure: the lovely 'Days' is sufficient as a test tip. The album, released in 1978, was probably also the inspiration for the brooding sound of the English indie icons Felt in the eighties, just to refer to some of the influences of this work.

    Of course, if you are looking for nice, cozy indie scrapbook pop, you will not find it here either. Tom Verlaine & Co. had just too much musical talent for that. Seen as a whole, the second album may not quite replicate the tension of the debut, but the qualities are elsewhere: A soft sound, characterized by subtle arrangements with the addition of piano, keyboards and polyphonic vocals. Ballads have replaced the nervous songs branded 'Friction': What was the exception on the first, groundbreaking album ('Guiding Light', 'Torn Curtain') is now the rule here. No song is as excessive as the ten-minute title track of the predecessor, but the songs are introspective and contemplative.
  • Artist: Television
    Label: Elektra
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: Europe
    Genre: Pop & Rock
    Style: Punk
  • A1 Glory
    A2 Days
    A3 Foxhole
    A4 Careful
    A5 Carried Away
    B1 The Fire
    B2 Ain'T That Nothin'
    B3 The Dream'S Dream