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Everything on our website is IN STOCK and ready to ship!

Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams – Aporia (Black Vinyl)

Condition: Brand New
Ships from: Melbourne


"Aporia" is a new age album by Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather, musical companion and Asthmatic Kitty Records co-founder, Lowell Brams .
In the spirit of New Age composers, "Aporia" approaches a rich soundtrack from an imaginary sci-fi epic, overflowing with whimsical, hooky, razor-thin synthesizer soundscapes. The album may recall the descendants of a marriage between John Carpenter, Wendy Carlos and Mike Oldfield, but it stands out from these points of reference and creates a meditative universe all its own .
"Aporia" is not a mere curiosity in Sufjan Stevens' catalogue - but a fully realized, collaborative piece of music and a catchy and inspired album. Stevens and Brams recorded "Aporia" during Brams' visits to Stevens' home in New York over the past few years with the help of a number of longtime Asthmatic Kitty employees, including Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), D.M. Stith, Nick Berry (Dots Will Echo), John Ringhofer (Half-Handed Cloud) drummer and longtime collaborator James McAlister, keyboardist and trombonist Steve Moore (Sunn O)), guitarist Yuuki Matthews (The Shins) and vocalist Cat Martino.


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Release details

Label: Asthmatic Kitty Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Units: 1
Country: USA & Europe
Released: 2020
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient


A1 Ousia
A2 What It Takes
A3 Disinheritance
A4 Agathon
A5 Determined Outcome
A6 Misology
A7 Afterworld Alliance
A8 Palinodes
A9 Backhanded Cloud
A10 Glorious You
B11 For Raymond Scott
B12 Matronymic
B13 The Red Desert
B14 Conciliation
B15 Ataraxia
B16 The Unlimited
B17 The Runaround
B18 Climb That Mountain
B19 Captain Praxis
B20 Eudaimonia
B21 The Lydian Ring