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Space Afrika – Honest Labour

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Manchester duo Space Afrika make music they describe as "overlapping moments" - weird mosaics of dialogue, rhythm, texture and shadow that you can hear halfway through a bus window on a rainy night

"Honest Labor," the duo's first album since their breakthrough "Hybtwibt?" Mixtape from 2020, expands the project's palette with classical strings, shimmering guitars and visionary vocals that further deepen their enigmatic fusion of ambient restlessness and cosmic downtempo. It's a sound both obfuscated and fragmented, at the axis of song craft and sound design, born out of and for the yearning loneliness of life under lock and key. The album title is multi-layered, alluding to a legendary patriarch from co-founder Joshua Inyang's Nigerian family tree (affectionately dubbed "Honest Labor" for his loyalty and resilience), but also to the nature of self-determined labor, like Space Africa music - a "labor of love" in the true sense of the word. 

Release details

Artist: Space Afrika
Label: Dais Records
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: US


1 Yyyyyy2222
2 Indigo Grit Ft. Guest
3 Lose You Beau
4 Solemn
5 LV
6 Preparing The Perfect Response ~
7 Ny Interlude
8 Rings (feat. Guest)
9 Noise Sweet
10 B£E (feat. Blackhaine)
11 Like Orchids
12 Meet Me At Sachas
13 U (feat. Kinsey Lloyd)
14 <>
15 Girl Scout Cookies (feat. Bianca Scout)
16 Ladybird Drone
17 With Your Touch
18 Strength (feat. La Timpa)
19 Honest Labour (feat. Hforspirit)