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Santana – Welcome (Speakers Corner)

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  • Many of the rock-addicted Santana fans might have understood the inviting "Welcome" on the white cover as an attempt to rinse the spiritual broadscreen maestoso from the previous album "Love Devotion Surrender". And with pieces like "Samba De Sausalito" and "Yours Is The Light", the actors really shake a full surge of familiar Latin feelings out of the instrumentarium. Fortunately, however, the concessions do not go as far as to ingratiate the die-hard Santanists with blueprints of the rhythmically well-trained "Caravanserai". I'd rather try a lot of new things. Inspired by the success of the revolutionary fusion sounds of Miles Davis and his stream-inspired disciples, Santana combines his virtuoso guitar craft with selected electro features. The jazz-savvy vocal acrobats Leon Thomas and Wendy Haas contribute their clever parts and also the master delivers an emotionally burning string duel with John Mc Laughlin in "Flame Sky". An album with an intellectual drive that serves the consciousness matured over the years with a dazzling sound cuvée of Latin, jazz and fusion


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  • Artist: Santana
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: Germany
    Genre: Pop & Rock
  • A1 Going Home
    A2 Love, Devotion, And Surrender
    A3 Samba De Sausalito
    A4 When I Look Into Your Eyes
    A5 Yours Is The Light
    B1 Mother Africa
    B2 Light Of Life
    B3 Flame Sky
    B4 Welcome