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Raymond Scott – Soothing Sounds For Baby (3xLP, Coloured vinyl)

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  • Raymond Scott formed the Raymond Scott Quintette in the 1930s, releasing jazz originals such as "Powerhouse" and "Dinner Music For A Pack Of Cannibals," which became immortalized through use in Warner Bros. cartoons. Between cartoons, big band and bandleader of the hit parade on US television between 1950 and 1957, Scott invented electronic instruments and developed pioneering recording techniques

    "Soothing Sounds For Baby" from 1963 was created on such electronic instruments as the Ondiolone, homemade rhythm generators and tape echo. This set of "listening toys" was intended for babies in three different age groups; the simple rhythms and melodies were intended to provide "relaxing stimulation" and a soothing atmosphere

    In 1963 this was met with rather muted interest; in retrospect, however, these are the absolute precursors of the ambient minimalism that Eno; Fripp, Steve Reich or Philip Glass were to cultivate. These re-issues have been carefully remastered from the original tapes and include an essay by Raymond Scott archive manager Irwin Chusid

    Raymond Scott recorded "Soothing Sounds for Baby" in 1963, using electronic devices such as the Ondiolin, homemade rhythm and tone generators, and tape echoes. This series of "auditory toys" was designed for babies in three age groups (1-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months). The simple rhythms and melodies were intended to be pleasantly stimulating while creating a soothing atmosphere of relaxation, warmth and contentment

    The "Soothing Sounds For Baby" editions have been out of print for nearly a decade

    Due to the music On Vinyl, in collaboration with Basta Music, is now releasing a limited edition of Edition of 750 numbered copies on colored vinyl.

  • Artist: Raymond Scott
    Format: LP
    Units: 3
    Country: Europe
    Genre: Electronic
  • Volume 1 (1 to 6 Months)
    A1 Lullaby
    A2 Sleepy Time
    B1 The Music Box
    B2 Nursery Rhyme
    B3 Tic Toc
    Volume 2 (6 to 12 Months)
    C1 Tempo Block
    C2 The Happy Whistler
    D Toy Typewriter
    Volume 3 (12 to 18 Months)
    E1 Tin Soldier
    E2 Little Miss Echo
    F The Playful Drummer