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Agape-Agape / Love-Love – Popol Vuh

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  • As an intellectual product of Florian Fricke, you don't have to introduce Popul Vuh to anyone. The band was active between the late sixties and the late nineties until Florian's death in 2001. Popul Vuh are regarded as pioneers of the avant garde of German electric music and laid the foundation for what would later become known as "Cosmic Muzic"

    The then still new sounds from the Moog synthesizer met organic percussion. Later, the group developed further and remained open to all instruments, whether electric or acoustic, wrapping themselves and their music in a spiritual mystical aura. Popul Vuh influenced many other European bands with their uniquely soft yet complex instrumentation, inspired by music from Tibet, Africa and pre-Columbian America. The music has always been described as transcendent. The band created sound landscapes through psychedelic walls of sound and are considered pioneers not only of world music, but also of new age and ambient

    Popul Vuh regularly contributed music to the movies of Werner Herzog, among them "Aguierre", "Nosferatu", "Heart of Glass" or "Cobra Verde". "Agape-Love" was one of Florian Fricke's favourite works at a time when he was inspired by Rumi, a 13th century Persian writer

    "Agape-Love" uses a choir to transport the Gregorian intensity, although this choir sings according to the Byzantine scale . It is an album full of atmosphere and emotion, heartbreakingly beautiful and introspective and intense at the same time.
  • Artist: Popol Vuh
    Label: One Way Static Records
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: US
    Genre: Pop & Rock
    Style: Ambient, Krautrock
  • A1 Hand In Hand
    A2 They Danced, They Laughed, As Of Old
    A3 Love, Life, Death
    A4 The Christ Is Near
    A5 Love-Love
    B1 Behold, The Drover Summonds
    B2 Agape-Agape
    B3 Why Do I Still Sleep
    Bonus Track:
    B4 Circledance