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Man It Feels Like Space Again – Pond

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Over the course of months, Joseph Ryan, Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson and a few friends assembled Pond's sixth studio album from a mountain of tapes. "It was actually all ready to go," Nick explains. "But in a fit of madness and the passion, we just smashed it all up again, mixed it up and patched it back together in a small studio in Melbourne."

"Man It Feels Like Space Again" is very much in line with the titular feeling in the way it works. It's a collection of distorted psychedelic gems that warmly lull you to sleep. Listening to it, you can't help but think of The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Lennon, MGMT, Todd Rundgren, Supergrass and songs by all those who explore the sonic spaces between genres

The 45-minute trip through space and time on the album begins with the poppy "Waiting Around For Grace", continues with the first single "Elvis' Flaming Star", which itself sounds as if it was played by a glam rock band of the 70s, in which Bowie set the tone. Ballads like "Sitting Up On Our Crane" and "Holding Out For You" put the listener in trance-like states, from which he awakens again thanks to the futuristic rave Zond. The journey ends in an eight-minute loss of control - it definitely feels like space ... again!

Release details

Artist: Pond
Label: Universal Music Australia
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: Australia
Genre: Rock


A1 Waiting Around For Grace
A2 Elvis' Flaming Star
A3 Holding Out For You
A4 Zond
A5 Heroic Shart
B1 Sitting Up On Our Crane
B2 Outside Is The Right Side
B3 Medicine Hat
B4 Man It Feels Like Space Again