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Max Richter – Nosedive

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Max Richter's film music catalog is growing fast, with no less than three of his soundtracks for film and television appearing this autumn via Deutsche Grammophon on StudioRichter Records: Taboo, Henry May Long and Black Mirror: Nosedive.

Charlie Brooker's black comedy "Nosedive," from the third season of his television series Black Mirror, examines our increasingly close relationship with technology. It's set in a disturbingly familiar near future where our fixation on social media "likes" has reached a frightening peak. Richter liked the timeliness and the references to literary classics like Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World, which foreshadow future developments.

Max reports: "I wanted to treat the near-future dystopia Nosedive as if the whole film were a dream. The music is therefore like a warm, soothing lullaby that keeps telling us that our existence is safe, when obviously the opposite is true. The repetitive and constantly pulsating music is meant to lull us like brainwashing, so that by the end we, like the main character, are suddenly sobered and thus liberated. "

Release details

Artist: Max Richter
Label: StudioRichter
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: Europe


A1 On Reflection
A2 Dopamine One
A3 The Sorrows Of Young Lace
A4 Dopamine Two
B1 The Journey, Not The Destination
B2 Nocturne
B3 The Consolations Of Philosophy