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Popular Problems – Leonard Cohen

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 Leonard Cohen releases his 13th studio album "Popular Problems", for which Patrick Leonard again assisted him with songwriting and as producer. The new record was recorded and mixed by Jesse E. String.
As on "Old Ideas", the new LP "Popular Problems" features a set, summing up Leonard Cohen, who convinces with profound lyrics and imaginatively instrumented, musically varied songs. The opener "Slow", whose name is the program, sets the tone from the beginning of the album: Leonard Cohen will take it slowly ("I'm slowing down my tune ..."). Many of the songs are spoken rather than sung. Cohen's voice gets deeper and deeper and goes directly from the ear to the heart due to the excellent mixing of the record.
Leonard Cohen still has a lot to say on Popular Problems. His conclusion is not always positive, rather a laconic-melancholic mood permeates the album, which contains nine songs. In the slow country song "You got me singing" Cohen throws the chanting overboard, and sums up singing "Even though it all looks grim, You got me singing the Hallelujah Hymn" - alluding to his so often covered song. He is probably very surprised that, given the world around us, so many people like to sing Hallelujah.
Music is the lifeline for Leonard Cohen in a world which he regards critically as ever. He gives himself and us with "Popular Problems" a sonorous album, which gives musical comfort despite all the melancholy of the lyrics.


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Release details

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Label: Columbia, Sony Music
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: Europe
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Folk


A1 Slow
A2 Almost Like The Blues
A3 Samson In New Orleans
A4 A Street
A5 Did I Ever Love You
B1 My Oh My
B2 Nevermind
B3 Born In Chains
B4 You Got Me Singing
CD-1 Slow
CD-2 Almost Like The Blues
CD-3 Samson In New Orleans
CD-4 A Street
CD-5 Did I Ever Love You
CD-6 My Oh My
CD-7 Nevermind
CD-8 Born In Chains
CD-9 You Got Me Singing