Stranger Things - Volume One (A Netflix Original Series)

02 November 2016
Electronic, Stage & Screen
Ambient, Soundtrack, Dark Ambient, Score


Stranger Things - Volume One (A Netflix Original Series)
LP1-A1 Stranger Things
LP1-A2 Kids
LP1-A3 Nancy And Barb
LP1-A4 This Isn't You
LP1-A5 Lay-Z-Boy
LP1-A6 Friendship
LP1-A7 Eleven
LP1-A8 A Kiss
LP1-A9 Castle Byers
LP1-B1 Hawkins
LP1-B2 The Upside Down
LP1-B3 After Sarah
LP1-B4 One Blink For Yes
LP1-B5 Photos In The Woods
LP1-C1 Fresh Blood
LP1-C2 Lamps
LP1-C3 Hallucinations
LP1-C4 Hanging Lights
LP1-C5 Biking To School
LP1-C6 Are You Sure?
LP1-C7 Agents
LP1-C8 Papa
LP1-C9 Cops Are Good At Finding
LP1-C10 No Weapons
LP1-D1 Walking Through The Upside Down
LP1-D2 She'll Kill You
LP1-D3 Run Away
LP1-D4 No Autopsy
LP1-D5 Dispatch
LP1-D6 Joyce And Lonnie Fighting
LP1-D7 Lights Out
LP1-D8 Hazmat Suits
LP1-D9 Theoretically
LP1-D10 You Can Talk To Me
LP1-D11 What Else Is There To Do?
LP1-D12 Hawkins Lab
Stranger Things - Volume Two (A Netflix Original Series)
LP2-A1 Hopper Sneaks In
LP2-A2 I Know What I Saw
LP2-A3 Rolling Out The Pool
LP2-A4 Over
LP2-A5 Gearing Up
LP2-A6 Flickering
LP2-A7 First Kiss
LP2-A8 Crying
LP2-A9 Walking Down The Tracks
LP2-A10 Where's Barb?
LP2-A11 Speak Of The Devil
LP2-B1 Danger Danger
LP2-B2 Tribulations
LP2-B3 Flashback
LP2-B4 Kids Two
LP2-B5 Talking To Australia
LP2-B6 Night Of The Seventh
LP2-B7 See Any Rain?
LP2-B8 Coffee & Contemplation
LP2-B9 Inside The Black Room
LP2-B10 Starts To Rain
LP2-B11 Eleven Is Gone
LP2-C1 Time For A 187
LP2-C2 Something In The House
LP2-C3 Still Pretty
LP2-C4 Abilities
LP2-C5 Tendril
LP2-C6 They Found Us
LP2-C7 Bad Men
LP2-C8 Spiked Bat
LP2-C9 Making Contact
LP2-C10 What Do You Know?
LP2-C11 It's Not My Boy
LP2-D1 Something In The Wall
LP2-D2 Let's Go
LP2-D3 Leap Of Faith
LP2-D4 In Pursuit
LP2-D5 Breaking And Entering
LP2-D6 Stranger Things (Extended)

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