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Josephine Foster – I'm A Dreamer

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  • Dreamers have been dreaming since the dawn of time and have been riding musical waves from Stephen Foster to the Everlys to the Everlys
    And here comes the beautiful dreamer Josephine Foster and, darling, she's not the same as she was before

    She has put on her magenta robes and is dreaming with mossy verses that burn in like a name that was never spoken Name that's never been spoken. But this time it's not just Josephine Foster and her shadow having fun
    This time, she has a bunch of Nashville acquaintances at her back to help her coax spidery cathedrals out of campfire jams out of campfire jams

    People will call this her "Harvest." when harmonica and pedal steel, upright bass and piano have a good time
    And it's true: "I'm A Dreamer" asks with a gentle Hand to the dance: Every single note is so clear and crisp that you can feel every that you can feel every grain. But behind the fragile charm lurk muses with rotting flesh, ugly ducklings, wooden floors on which no babies are rocked to sleep, and the past and the bygone writer Djuna Barnes

    These are songs that are at home in the living room or the saloon with dreams deep enough to bury all worries. So sad, sexy and poignant as no one has dreamed in a long time dreamed of in a long time.
  • Artist: Josephine Foster
    Label: Fire Records
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: UK
    Genre: Pop & Rock