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The Colour In Anything – James Blake (2xLP)

by Polydor
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Musically, there is nothing today that doesn't already exist. This assumption always holds true until someone does something completely new, as in the case of James Blake. With his debut a good five years ago, the singer introduced his very own mix of singer-songwriter, minimalist electropop, dubstep, soul and r'n'b. With his follow-up, released just two years later, he finally established this unique sound.

"The Color In Anything" is the name of his new, now third studio album, on which the 27-year-old Brit stays true to his style. The experience he has gained over the years is still noticeable on the record. He recently worked with pop icon Beyoncé on her new album "Lemonade".

Blake also enlisted support for "The Color In Anything". Helping with the songwriting were musicians Frank Ocean and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver on two songs each. Vernon and band can also be heard on the new album - in the song "I Need A Forest Fire".

In total, there are 17 songs on "The Color In Anything", which James Blake first produced himself in his home studio in London and later refined together with producer legend Rick Rubin in his Shangri La Studios.