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Helado Negro – This Is How You Smile

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The Antiguan-American author Jamaica Kincaid first published the short story “Girl” in The New Yorker in 1978. In what is essentially one long run-on sentence, “Girl” takes the form of a stern mother’s list of instructions to her daughter on how to become a skilled, self-possessed woman (“this is how you sweep a whole house; this is how you sweep a yard; this is how you smile to someone you don’t like too much; this is how you smile to someone you don’t like at all”).

The litany is imbued with both intense maternal love and unsparing criticism, an imbalance that reflects a colonialist structure that Kincaid sharply excoriates in writing. “I’ve come to see that I’ve worked through the relationship of the mother and the girl to a relationship between Europe and the place that I’m from,” Kincaid explained to Mississippi Review in 1996. “Which is to say, a relationship between the powerful and the powerless.”


Release details

Artist: Helado Negro
Label: Rvng Intl.
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: US
Style: Indie Pop


A1 Please Won'T Please
A2 Imagining What To Do
A3 Echo For Camperdown Curio
A4 Fantasma Vaga
A5 Pais Nublado
A6 Running
B1 Seen My Aura
B2 Sabana De Luz
B3 November 7
B4 Todo Lo Que Me Falta
B5 Two Lucky
B6 My Name Is For My Friends