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ALL STOCK is available for LOCAL PICKUP or SHIPPING around OZ!

The Fall – Gorillaz

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From Montreal to Vancouver. Via Seattle, Texas and Toronto - during the 32-day North American tour last fall, the Gorillaz recorded a musical diary. The result is a collection of 15 songs - some with, some without vocals, some in collaboration with others, some solo.
The music was recorded whenever there was some free time on the road. "I did this because you always have a lot of time that you spend essentially staring at the wall," says Damon Albarn. "I found that working during the day, whether in a hotel or a concert hall, was a brilliant way to keep yourself in good spirits. In addition this song collection is really like a musical diary. I really wrote everything in that one day in that one place. And there's a special kind of American sound and musical tradition that resonates. It feels like a trip across America."
"If you love snapshots and like to read postcards about banal things - please!" (Rolling Stone, 05 / 2011)
"The gorillas remain innovative. An album from the iPad, full of bulky to beautiful electronics." [stereoplay, 06 / 2011]
"Pop tunes, electro beats and hip-hop mix together to create a weird Sound collagen. And Albarn's voice remains the only connecting element." (audio, 06 / 2011)
(pop) music could not be more varied and original, and that by the simplest means (Stereo, July 2011)


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Release details

Artist: Gorillaz
Label: Parlophone, Warner Bros. Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
Units: 1
Country: USA, Canada & Europe
Released: 2019
Genre: Electronic, Rock


A1 Phoner To Arizona
A2 Revolving Doors
A3 Hillbilly Man
A4 Detroit
A5 Shy-Town
A6 Little Plastic Bags
A7 The Joplin Spider
B1 The Parish Of Space Dust
B2 The Snake In Dallas
B3 Amarillo
B4 The Speak It Mountains
B5 Aspen Forest
B6 Bobby In Phoenix
B7 California & The Slipping Of The Sun
B8 Seattle Yodel