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El Michels Affair – Adult Themes

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  • No, El Michel's affair is not new to this business. El Michels has worked hard, in countless midnight studio sessions and on a world tour for the Wu-Tang Clan. And one thing is clear: The band has aged in a good way. After they hit the ground running with the instrumental album "Sounding Out The City" in 2005, the studio concentrated collective, led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Leon Michels, has gained fans on all continents. The group is known for their sumptuous soul instrumentals, but also for their Wu-Tang covers, as evidenced by the explosive response to their two albums "Enter The 37th Chamber" (2009) and "Return To The 37th Chamber" (2019)

    But all this is history, because the band's most rounded and mature album with the fitting title "Adult Themes" proves what new instrumental heights they have reached. The album, which Michels describes as a "soundtrack for an imaginary film", is a collection of opulent, abysmal, complex and often very funky pieces that make your ears vibrate and your heads nod.

  • Label: Big Crown Records
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: US
    Genre: Soul & Funk
  • A1 Enfant
    A2 Adult Theme No. 1
    A3 Kill The Lights
    A4 Villa
    A5 Adult Theme No. 2
    A6 Life Of Pablo
    A7 Adult Theme No. 3
    B1 Rubix
    B2 A Swift Nap
    B3 Hipps
    B4 Munecas
    B5 Adult Theme No. 4