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Die Antwoord – Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid (2xLP)

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  • When Die Antwoord started working on the new album around two years ago, the basic mood of the material was still very raw, dark and tough. The band wanted to call the album "Rats Rule" because in life there would only be winners and underdogs. And for Die Antwoord it feels as if they are one level below the underdogs at home "in this fucked up pop world". But the South Africans are sure that their time will come. "And soon we gonna take over this whole bitch," say Ninja and Yo-Landi.

    Then Die Antwoord wrote more songs. The core of the album remained somber and "ratty," but the band was able to add a new layer. A level that seemed rather crazy, sexy and very fun. So Die Antwoord wanted to rename the new work “We Have Candy”. Then, with the final touches, another level was added: "A giant supernatural mega aura". And suddenly their new work seemed so epic to them. Sometimes vulnerable, sometimes cute and romantic, brave and full of puzzles. Finally, Yo-Landi said: "Why don't we call the album› Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid? " Legend has it that ninja replied with only one, “You a fuckin 'genius! Ich liebe dich!".

    Feature guests on the album are Jack Black, Dita von Teese, Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) and Lil Tommy Terror.
  • Artist: Die Antwoord
    Label: Soul Assassins, Zef Recordz
    Format: LP
    Units: 2
    Country: Europe
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Techno
  • A1 We Have Candy
    A2 Daddy
    A3 Banana Brain
    B1 Shit Just Got Real
    B2 Gucci Coochie
    B3 Wings On My Penis
    B4 U Like Boobies?
    B5 Rats Rule
    C1 Jonah Hill
    C2 Stoopid Rich
    C3 Fat Faded Fuck Face
    C4 Peanutbutter + Jelly
    C5 Alien
    D1 Street Light
    D2 Darkling
    D3 I Dont Care