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Utopia Defeated – D.D Dumbo

by 4AD
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  • Behind the name D.D Dumbo is 27-year-old Oliver Perry. He lives two hours north of Melbourne in a small room next to a horse stable. Although the room also serves as a studio, you can't hear the confinement of the space on Perry's debut album. "Utopia Deafeated" sounds rather spacious and a bit like the endless expanse of Down Under. It took the Australian over three years until his album was in the can - the man is a perfectionist after all!

    The nervous energy that emanates from this fantastic release is hard to put into words. Each song is like a little sound journey with an incredible amount to discover. Blues, world music, 80s pop, dance music and Captain Beefheart are the musical cornerstones from which D.D Dumbo builds his musical universe. From these quite different influences, Oliver Perry creates an idiosyncratic and shimmering sound, which with its Peter Gabriel-like percussion sometimes reminds one of the great songs of the old master. However, Perry's groovy playing on the 12-string guitar turns it into something quite unique.
  • Artist: D.D Dumbo
    Label: 4AD
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: UK & Europe
    Genre: Pop & Rock
  • A1 Walrus
    A2 Satan
    A3 In The Water
    A4 Cortisol
    A5 Alihukwe
    B1 King Franco Picasso
    B2 The Day I First Found God
    B3 Toxic City
    B4 Brother
    B5 Oyster