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Car Seat Headrest – Making A Door Less Open

by Matador
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  • Car Seat Headrest's new album, "Making A Door Less Open", delivers the first new songs since 2016's "Teens Of Denial". The tracks were created over the past four years as a fruitful collaboration between Car Seat Headrest and 1 Trait Danger, a CSH electronic side project consisting of CSH drummer Andrew Katz and Toledo's alter ego Trait. So the album ended up being recorded twice: Once live with a full band line-up of guitars, drums and bass, and once in a MIDI version, with only synthesized sounds. 

    After Will Toledo released between eight and 12 albums at the beginning of his work as Car Seat Headrest until signing with Matador Records in 2015, depending on how you count (here the spirits argue), the four-year break since "Teens of Denial" now feels like a lifetime for the Seattle-based musicaholic. 

    "I wanted to make something that was different from my previous records, and I struggled to figure out how to do that. I realized that because the way I listened to music had changed, I had to change the way I wrote music, as well . I was listening less and less to albums and more and more to individual songs, songs from all over the place, every few days finding a new one that seemed to have a special energy. I thought that if I could make an album full of songs that had a special energy, each one unique and different in its vision, then that would be a good thing ", Toledo writes.
  • Artist: Car Seat Headrest
    Label: Matador
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: US
    Genre: Pop & Rock
    Style: Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
  • A1 Weightlifters
    A2 Can'T Cool Me Down
    A3 Hollywood
    A4 There Must Be More Than Blood
    B1 Hymn
    B2 Deadlines
    B3 Martin
    B4 What'S With You Lately
    B5 Life Worth Missing
    B6 Famous