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Trout Mask Replica – Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band (2xLP)

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On first listen, Trout Mask Replica sounds like a wild, incomprehensible rampage through the blues. Don Van Vliet (a.k.a. Captain Beefheart) growls, rants and recites poetry over chaotic guitar licks. But every note was precisely planned in advance – to construct the songs, the Magic Band rehearsed 12 hours a day for months on end in a house with the windows blacked out. (Producer and longtime friend Frank Zappa was then able to record most of the album in less than five hours.) The avant-garde howl of tracks such as "Ella Guru" and "My Human Gets Me Blues" have inspired modern primitives from Tom Waits to PJ Harvey.

From Rolling Stone

Release details

Artist: Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band
Label: Bizarre Industries, Third Man Records
Format: LP
Units: 2
Country: US
Genre: Rock


A1 Frownland
A2 The Dust Blows Forward 'N The Dust Blows Back
A3 Dachau Blues
A4 Ella Guru
A5 Hair Pie: Bake 1
A6 Moonlight On Vermont
B1 Pachuco Cadaver
B2 Bills Corpse
B3 Sweet Sweet Bulbs
B4 Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish
B5 China Pig
B6 My Human Gets Me Blues
B7 Dali'S Car
C1 Hair Pie: Bake 2
C2 Pena
C3 Well
C4 When Big Joan Sets Up
C5 Fallin' Ditch
C6 Sugar 'N Spikes
C7 Ant Man Bee
D1 Orange Claw Hammer
D2 Wild Life
D3 She'S Too Much For My Mirror
D4 Hobo Chang Ba
D5 The Blimp (Mousetrapreplica)
D6 Steal Softly Thru Snow
D7 Old Fart At Play
D8 Veteran'S Day Poppy