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Let Me Come Over (25th Anniversary Edition) – Buffalo Tom

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In the mid-eighties Bill Janovitz (vocals, guitar), Chris Colburne (vocals, bass) and Tom Maginnis (drums) founded the rock band Buffalo Tom at the University of Massachusetts Amherst .
Obviously, the academic institution near Boston was an excellent breeding ground for noisy guitar bands at that time, because at about the same time Dinosaur Jr. and the Pixies started their career from there. No wonder J. Mascis, mastermind and front man of Dinosaur Jr., produced the Buffalo Tom debut. Due to a lot of airplay on college radios and extensive tours through the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan, Buffalo Tom gained an excellent reputation until the early nineties .
In 1992 the formation released their third album "Let Me Come Over". The trio had developed many of the songs during their previous concert tours and tested them live for audience success, others had been written at home in a quiet chamber. Accordingly, "Let Me Come Over" combined the energy of a power trio with acoustic guitar ballads, whose most powerful, "Taillights Fade", became the band's trademark.

Release details

Artist: Buffalo Tom
Label: Beggars Banquet
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: USA & Europe
Genre: Rock


Let Me Come Over
A1 Staples
A2 Taillights Fade
A3 Mountains Of Your Head
A4 Mineral
A5 Darl
A6 Larry
B1 Velvet Roof
B2 I'M Not There
B3 Stymied
B4 Porchlight
B5 Frozen Lake
B6 Saving Grace
Live From London ULU 1992
C1 Staples
C2 Taillights Fade
C3 Larry
C4 I'M Not There
C5 Velvet Roof
D1 Sunflower Suit
D2 Mineral
D3 Sally Brown
D4 Enemy
D5 Birdbrain